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Live Football on ITV

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No live football scheduled.
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Visit ITVs football page, for live football news and information on live football listings.

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ITV Sport has made clips and goals from every single FA Cup First Round game available online. So in case you missed any of the highlights or want to rewatch any of the goals again, check out the site! There's also the FA Cup video wall featuring some of the best clips from the qualifying rounds.

Freesat Logo

Football on ITV - Freesat

With freesat you get can get access to all the great terristrial channels along with satellite channels too, some of which show in HD, and once you pay the initial cost it is free forever!

All you need to buy is a freesat box

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ITV HD frequently asked questions

Why is HDTV better than normal TV?
The detail in high definition TV really is amazing. HD has up to five times more detail as standard definition TV, so pictures are more life-like and programmes will be available with stunning surround sound. To make the most of this, you'll need a surround sound system connected to your freesat HD digital box.

What equipment do I need?
ITV HD is only available through freesat, so you'll need a satellite dish and either a TV with freesat HD built in, or a freesat HD digital box connected to a HD Ready TV. Click here for more details.

What if I have a HD-ready TV? Will I automatically be able to watch HDTV?
HD Ready means that your TV is capable of displaying a HD picture, but it doesn't mean you'll be watching in HD, because you need to connect your HD Ready TV to a HD digital box.

Can I use my existing set-top box? No, to get ITV HD you'll need a freesat digital box or TV with freesat HD built in, look for the freesat logo on the product.

If I already have a satellite dish, can I use that to receive freesat? Yes - all you'll need to do is get a digital box, and that shall plug into your existing satellite.

Once I own a freesat dish and box, will it cost me extra to receive HD broadcasts? No, freesat does not carry any subscription costs. No contract, no subscription, just a one-off payment. Once you have freesat, you'll receive all the channels and services, including HD if you have a freesat HD digital box or TV with freesat HD built in.

What do 720p and 1080i mean?
HD TV uses two different formats, 720p is ideal for recording fast action such as sport, while 1080i is better for programmes which benefit from showing an increased level of detail like natural history. Broadcasters are free to choose the format that best suits their mix of programmes.

What sort of shows will benefit most from the higher quality?
All shows will benefit from the higher quality HD offers. HD really brings pictures to life, so if you're watching sport, you'll feel closer to the action, natural history shows benefit from much greater detail and drama will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Sky HD

Football on ITV - Sky HD

If you get Sky you get ITV in with the package - but you can also view some ITV programmes in high definition with SKY HD!

You also then have the option of EVEN MORE LIVE sport action with Sky Sports 1 and 2, Sky Sports News, and the option of adding ESPN to the package too!

(inc phone line and broadband)
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Basic Sky plus package with Sky Sports £35.50 MORE INFO
Basic Sky plus package with Sky Sports £48.49 MORE INFO
Sky HD package with Sky Sports £45.25 MORE INFO
Sky HD package with Sky Sports £58.24 MORE INFO

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