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Terrace Fashion

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Online Stores

Brown Bag Clothing

Next day delivery on all UK orders

Brown Bag stock all the leading Terrace fashion brands including Armani Jeans, Stone Island, Burberry, Prada, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Paul & Shark, Aquascutum and One Ture Saxon

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sergio tacchini

Woodhouse Clothing

Next day delivery on all UK orders

Woodhouse Clothing offers an impressive range of top brand clothing and footwear. Including Fila Gold, Gio Goi, Henleys and Lee Jeans.

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fila top


All available as FREE standard delivery or pick up in store.

Dedicated to footwear Schuh has a huge range of classic barnded trainers and shoes. Including Addidas, Fred Pery, Lacoste, Rockport and Paul Smith.

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stan smith terrace trainers

Urban Outfitters

Currently huge sale in reductions

A great place to get some really cool brands and styles as well as Lyle & Scott exclusives. Brand include Paul Smith, Lyle & Scott, Original Penguin and Fred Perry.

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fred perry


Free delivery on all orders over £50.

Bank Fashion is an established UK retailer of fashionable branded Menswea. Offering an extensive on-line range of men's footwear, clothing and accessories, the current range covers all the popular brands such as Henleys. Gio-Goi. Superdry Addidas Originals plus many more.

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Free delivery on all orders over £50

This high profile high street brand with a reputation for stocking the most desirable, fashionable and exclusive footwear and clothing. They ahve a huge range of Addidas Originals including a fantastic collection of original Forrest Hills

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History of Terrace Fashion

football terrace casual fashion
The origins of football casuals and terrace fashion has been much debated over the years but the common conception is that the casual scene originated in Liverpool. During the late 70's when Liverpool were a dominant force in Europe, their fans began shopping abroard picking up clothing brands not readily available or seen in the UK.

It was the expensive designer sports wear such as Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Lacoste that were the popular brands with the t-shirts and jumpers beginning to make their way onto the terraces.

Addidas and Diadorra Borg Elite trainers were the original choice of trainers that were seen on the terraces. It didn't take long before many firms particularly in the North started making more scheduled shopping trips abroad to take advantage of purchasing these emerging trends in Europe.

Click here to read more about the story of Terrace Fashion.

Terrace Fashion Brands

A mainstay of casual fashion in the 90's and still popular on the terraces today. The iconic badge is cemented as a symbol of quality amongst the terrace casuals and the genuine article will always be respected.

Best known for their jumpers, their range of t-shirts, jackets, hats and scarves are also very popular on the terraces.

Available at: Brown Bag Clothing

Now part of the Stone Island family it is the casual connoisseur's choice. First adopted in the 80's the subtle labelling, individual detail and quality of the garments make CP Company a must for the terrace casual.

The Mille Miglia jacket is the most coveted piece in the CP range but their range includes knitwear and t-shirts.

Available at: Brown Bag Clothing
Originally a tennis brand it was adopted on the terraces the 70's and has remained an essential casual brand throughout the 80's and 90's to present day.
A staple of football casual fashion their range of polo shirts is an essential piece of clothing for to have in the wardrobe. They also have a quality range of trainers as well as their classic sweaters and knitwear.

Available at: Brown Bag Clothing,Schuh,size?

Paul and Shark
More popular in the North, Paul and Shark was spotted on the terraces in the late 80's and became more popular throughout the 90's.

The high quality finish and subtle shark motif make Paul & Shark classic terrace fashion. Best known for their sweaters, caps and scarves they also do a range of jeans in classic styles.

Available at: Brown Bag Clothing
The vintage and re-issue trainers are much sought after and have huge status amongst football casuals and the genuine classic trainer enthusiast.
Ranges such as Forest Hills, Samba, Gazelle and Stan Smith are popular with their range of unique and limited edition styles and colours.

Available at: Schuh,,Bank,size?

An original favourite on the terraces but was sidelined in the 90's due to Fila flooding the market with cheap trainers and cheap sports wear.

The vintage Fila BJ tracksuit tops and polo shirts are making a come back on the terraces and are now a classic item to be seen in.

Available at: Brown Bag Clothing,
Lyle and Scott
Their range of v-neck jumpers and polo shirts were a must have on the terraces during the 80's. Lyle & Scott jumpers and polo shirts have recently made a comeback on the terraces after a not so popular spell during the 90's.
The classic gold eagle motif and quality finish make it a classic brand for the terrace casual with the strong association to the 80's vintage look.
Available at: Brown Bag Clothing

sergio tacchini terrace fashion
Orginally a popular tennis brand in the 70's and 80's it became a staple for the football casuals as part of the trend for designer European sportswear.

Similar to Fila the vintage 80's track tops are part of a revival thanks to films like The Business and the classic sportswear brand is popular again on the terraces.
Available at:Bank,size?

one true saxon terrace fashion

A more recent addition to the terraces the One True Saxon brand was developed with style in mind. Thier origins are from the 80's casual movement with their focvus on style and quality finsihing rather than fashion fads. A maxim award for style in 2008 helped cement the brand and all their clothes from denim to jackets are made to the highest quality.

Available at:Brown Bag Clothing,Schuh

The Story

football terrace retro fashion
It was during the 80's that the casual movement and fashion culture began to cement its place on the terraces, with brands such as Stone Island, CP Company and Lacoste mainstays of every casual crew at football grounds up and down the country. The designer sports wear was also a staple with the brands popularity varying regionally and crew to crew. Vintage addidas trainers were the most popular footwear with samba, classic forest hills and Stand Smiths being the ranges of choice. Tracksuit tops from sports labels like Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Lacoste were popular and if still are today if you can get the right vintage style.

By the 90's the casual terrace fashion moved towards the major designer brands, with labels such as Burberry, Aquascutum, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Paul Smith and Prada (YSL before it became over commercialised) becoming the designer brands being seen on the terraces.

This shift from sportswear to designer wear did mean some of the items in the sportswear brands were no longer acceptable, however some items such as Lacoste polo shirts and V neck jumpers remained popular as did the Fred Perry polo shirts. Rockports and Kickers overtook addidas trainers for a while is the look fit in with the pubs and clubs policy of no trainers but the classic addidas and now Nike and Puma trainers can been seen on the terraces.

Essentially the fashion seen on the terraces is all about one up man ship on the rival firms, the ideal is to look the best while being the best crew or firm. The fashion, brands and look evolved during the 80's a popular youth culture was born as football and fighting became a part of life for the youth of the 80's. The scene is similar to the mod culture of the 60's with the focus on high quality, minimal styling and subtle designer branding making up the criteria of a popular terrace casual brand.

Many of the original brands are still popular today with CP Company and the Miglia jacket being the ultimate in casual clothing. Stone Island is still popular as is Lacoste and the designer brands such as Armani and Prada. There are also newcomers and brand revivals back on the scene such as Lyle & Scott and OneTrueSaxon.

The violence may not be as prominent these days and the terraces maybe disappearing, particularly in the Premier League but the sub culture of the football casual and the one up man ship of terrace fashion is still going strong across all the of the football leagues in England, Scotland and Wales. Many of the original classic sports wear is making a come back with Fila, addidas and Sergio Tacchini classic retro tops popular on the terraces today.